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In the late 1930s, Henri de Steenhault de Waerbeck commissioned to build a country house in Vollezele, on the edge of a beech forest.  In the former Ferraris atlas (1777), the region is registered under the name of Ellenbosch.


In 1973, the estate came into possession of Bavo Cool and Virginia Smeets.


Bavo Cool, an internationally active lawyer, was an enthusiastic man. He saw himself as a citizen of the world and committed to greater respect for universal human rights.


To freely exchange information, he invited at Villa Hellebosch, artists, politicians, environmental and human rights activists.


In 2003, the domain was entrusted to Alexandra Cool, one of his three daughters. 


In collaboration with the House of Literature Passa Porta, she transformed Villa Hellebosch into a valuable residence for foreign writers. 


Between 2004 and 2015, more than three hundred writers remained, including Jonathan Coe, Olga Tokarczuk, Ludmilla Uelitskaya and Tommy Wieringa. 


Alexandra Cool gradually expanded this operation and opened Villa Hellebosch for writing classes, theater, academics, researchers and others activities.


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Alexandra Cool is a photographer and sculptor. She has been working for several years in Carrara (Italy), New York and Corsica. Her home base is in Vollezele (Belgium) and the Auvergne (France).

Alexandra has an intimate connection with nature. Her respect for natural materials and their inherent beauty is a great source of inspiration. As part of her vision,  she explores the relationship between people and nature. She attempts to reveal the concept of the invisible, allowing the silence to speak.


Since July 2019 Jacob and Laura decided to embark in a new adventure. After travelling around the world for years they decided to settle down in Belgium and help Alexandra, to run her beautiful countryside villa.



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