Searching for an inspiring space to host your next business meeting? Or perhaps to toss an intimate family gathering? Seeking team-building through yoga or finding ways to expand the creativity of your team through workshops


Villa Hellebosch is the ideal spot for individuals and small groups who seek a calm, warm and pleasant atmosphere to meet, get together and work. The villa can accommodate your meeting, workshop, friend or family gathering, team-building, birthday or wedding. Respect for the beauty and purity of nature, sensitivity to art and aesthetics, hospitality and an open mind are considered as important values to our team. 

Every occasion calls for a different approach. As such, we have created formulas that give an idea of the possibilities. But if you are looking for a tailor-made proposition do not hesitate to let us know what you have in mind so that we can help you co-create your perfect stay. 


Your company is looking for a different approach to meetings, away from other groups and with an informal atmosphere? You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique atmosphere and possibilities that Villa Hellebosch has to offer.


Skip the hotel and come appreciate a tranquil, private environment. We can provide meals, refreshments, wifi and a beautiful space to convene, ideate, create and imagine your best work.


In Villa Hellebosch there is an atmosphere of peace and security. This greatly promotes the fruitful development of new ideas, intense coaching and a meaningful workshop. With its inviting and calm character, the villa offers a wonderful setting to stimulate creativity, self-development and group work. 


Anyone wishing to withdraw from the hectic pace of daily life, individually or in a group, to recharge their batteries or to find an ideal work space, will find the perfect place in Villa Hellebosch. The quietness, beauty and harmony of the location offer the best setting to support inner growth, creativity and wellbeing.


Villa Hellebosch is also open to individuals, groups of friends or families who just want to enjoy this unique place. It is a magical location that can add excellence and charm to your celebration. 

Currently available for up to 15 guests.


  • +32 495 90 15 36 (Alexandra)
  • +32 491 30 75 25 (Jacob)

Heystraat 7 
1570 Vollezele

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